Thursday , 28 October 2021

Aventura Fashion Spread Features Marrero Collection Scarf

When a stylist picks one of your pieces to be featured in a fashion spread for a magazine, it’s not only an honor, but it’s a validation of your work.

You never know how your garment is going to actually appear, or be featured in the final cut.  With my line of fashion scarves, they sometimes get lost in the photo as a simple accessory.  However, when your product is featured as the opening spread for the issue, and is also included in the table of contents… it really is an incredible endorsement!

Gio Alma is one of the best fashion photographers I have ever known, and his wife, Marcela Alma, is one of the most talented and creative fashion stylists ever!

I’m not going to lie – I still get emotional when I see my work featured in print like this.

Aventura Magazine has some of the most beautiful fashion editorials. Even though it’s a local magazine, the production value and art direction is as good and top notch as the national publications! 

Today I feel like a proud papa because one of my creations made it big!

Model: Anila Anna

Swimsuit: Sinesia Karol

Layout/Art Director: Xavier Maranon


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