Saturday , 19 January 2019

In the Dollhouse: Barbie and Ken’s Less Than Perfect Life

Barbie-Inspired Photographs of a Loveless Marriage.

I’m sure by now you have read that the idea and inspiration to become a fashion illustrator came from watching the opening credits of Bewitched & I dream of Jennie, but I have a confession to make; I played with my sister’s Barbies, there I said it! 🙂

Barbie was my idol because she had it all. The Body, Face, gorgeous long blond hair, the perfect careers, the most amazing clothes, shoes, cars, houses and….Boyfriend! KEN his blonde hair  and body was perfection.

But what happens after the couple gets married and she realizes that the two of them have a few too many interests in common?

In similar fashion to her Fallen Disney Princess series, Vancouver photographer Dina Goldstein exposes the darker side of Barbie’s marriage to Ken in her latest photo series ‘In The Dollhouse’.

Other photographers examining our favorite doll’s darker side include Sarah Hanney and Mariel Clayton.

Check out photographer Dina Goldstein’s ‘In The Dollhouse’ photo series and the behind the scenes video below.BarbieBarbie5Barbie6Barbie7Barbie3Barbie5Barbie-dreamBarbie1Barbie8Barbie9


How do you imagine their real-life future turning out?

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  1. I love your blog carlos! thanks for posting this was super funny I loved it! So proud of you always I want to grow up to be like you!! Can you mentor me??? Please pretty please!
    Xoxoxoxoxo miss you allot we need to hangout 😉
    MIami Motives Team

  2. These photos are amazing! Very creative!

  3. Too funny… love it!

  4. KEN……….I knew it! lol

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