Monday , 20 September 2021

Carlos’ favorite thing for 2015 – “Shireen’s Favorite Things”

2015 was a great year! My Marrero Collection line was featured in many publications and TV spots. I met a lot of interesting and exciting people. One of my favorite TV appearances was definitely the segment on Channel 7’s Deco Drive “Shireen’s Favorite Things”. I remember getting the call from Shireen while I was doing my meditation walk. I was shocked to get the call to be featured on a entertainment show that I have watched for many years.

I was very nervious at first on the day of the shoot, but Shireen made the experience a dream come true.

Isn’t it funny that Carlos’ favorite thing for 2015 happens to be “Shireen’s Favorite Things”. I was able to find the clip for the segment and I want to share it with you guys.

Shireen is now someone I consider a friend, she is lovely inside and out.

Here are some gorgeous photos from her blog…





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