Tuesday , 7 July 2020

Funny Video

Mom with computer issues


Amy Schumer is one of my favorite comedians! I watch her show, Inside Amy Schumer, every week religiously. On this particular sketch Amy tackles, parents with technology challenges, and I almost died laughing. Does this sounds familiar?  Does your mom have computer issues? Better yet, have you tried doing this over the TELEPHONE? Watch this! Amy and her mother attend therapy together to ease their technology-related tension. Tune in Tuesdays at 10:30pm ET, and watch more Inside Amy Schumer here. Related blog here (adult language but super funny) Women are terrible at accepting compliments!

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Ellen makes fun of the “NOT so on Target” Photoshop disaster


Target’s Photoshop Fail. Target customers were not amused about the horrible Photoshop images for their swimwear ads.  The store went a little too far– Models missing chunks of their thighs, buttocks and arms. If you are going to photoshop at least finish the job! Probably one of the worst photoshop jobs, ever. Target removed the offensive images from the website on Tuesday after thousands of complaints. “This was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize,” a spokesperson told the Daily News. Now, leave it to Ellen to make light of the situation…this is why I love her! Yesterday, …

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Brian Williams performs “Rapper’s Delight”


The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon remixed NBC Nightly reporter Brian Williams to rap Rapper’s Delight by The Sugar Hill Gang. With a little help from Lester Holt and Kathie Lee, Say WHAAAAT? Brian Williams Raps “Rapper’s Delight” A lot of work went into that, great editing! This is what late night TV should be like. Way to bring Awesome back to to the Tonight Show, Jimmy. And in case you are like me, and suddenly you want to hear the original… Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight [Official Video HD] Uncensored Sugarhill Gang #CLASSIC

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Grocery Store Musical by Improv Everywhere


I love going to the grocery store, and I spend a lot of time buying fruits and veggies. Do you like grocery shopping? Imagine if the next time you were on your next trip to the supermarket, customers and employees broke into a musical sing-a-long? On this video, six undercover actors burst into song in a grocery store in Queens. Three minutes and lots of silly choreography later, they returned to their roles as shoppers and stock boys. The song about fruit, and why it should be together and not housed in separate areas is hilarious! The mission was filmed …

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Watch “The Flip Side: Christmas” (funny Video)


I wanted to share this video with you because I found it hilarious – perhaps full of stereotypes but nevertheless cute and funny! Is this what we could expect if men and women switched their traditional roles during Christmas? If you find a video as funny as I did, click here to see the Work Out Version of the flipside

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All I want for Christmas (Mariah Carey Parody)


All I Want For Christmas Is Cash (Mariah Carey Parody) I have been debating whether to post this very, very funny tongue-in-cheek video because I didn’t want to “cross the line” with anyone (there’s some colorful language here!), but I figured the people who follow my blog are adults and will see the comedy and the cuteness of it. I also know that there has been many a Christmas when you have received a gift that left you puzzled… In fact…. Would you share your “Worst Christmas Gift Ever” so we can all have a good laugh?    

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Cell phone prank at the airport


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but cell phones will be allowed on flights very soon. Something I’m not looking for to by the way. However, I think I found the answer to be able to handle people interrupting my flight. Check out this hilarious cell phone prank video and let me know what you think. I enjoyed this thoroughly (guy next to me on phone) Yeah me too If only every layover could be this entertaining!

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Holderness Family hilarius Christmas card goes Viral XMAS JAMMIES


In my opinion, the Holderness family of Raleigh, NC, wins the prize for most creative Christmas card this year! Christmas Jammies #XMAS-JAMMIES has gone viral and I can see why. Some families send the annual newsletter – I like this idea so much better! What do you think of XMAS JAMMIES ? Share your thoughts below, Would love to hear from you.

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Christmas ambush with Amy Poehler


If you thought that Christmas shopping was stressful? Try having comedian Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler ambush you on the street forcing you to sing Christmas carols on the spot… for a dollar? The question is…Would you know the lyrics? I hope you enjoy this Christmas ambush as much as I do.

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Controversy Over Kmart’s Joe Boxer Commercial, really?


This “Show Your Joe” ad was created to promote Kmart’s holiday-themed Joe Boxer apparel line, but not all customers responded to the ad with holiday cheer.  I like the new commercial, in this day and age it’s hard to find something on TV that makes you laugh! People are too uptight these days, can we just have a sense of humor? Other viewers have their undies in a bunch calling it: ‘Brash, Ugly and Disgustingly Uncaring’ Do you think Kmart’s “Show Your Joe” ad is funny or too much?  

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