Wednesday , 8 July 2020


My Downton Abbey Illustrations


My Downton Abbey Illustrations One of my all time favorite series is the British period drama Downton Abbey. Besides the amazing cast that includes non other than Maggie Smith, the story, the scenery and of course my favorite…the costumes! When the Hamilton Group asked me to design 2 figurines based on Lady Mary, I was ecstatic. We picked two of her most popular looks and the company loved them. However the licensing with the actual show fell apart and the figurines were never made. So I decided to share them with you and see what you thought of them. I’m …

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A Century of Brides by Fashion Illustrator Carlos Marrero


Earlier this year I was asked by The Hamilton Group to design 2 fashion illustration images of brides through the decades. A Century of Brides by Carlos Marrero I wanted to share a couple of the images with you guys and see what you thought of them. Which one is your favorite, the 30’s or the 50’s bride? Which dress would you imagine yourself in, the seductive 30’s or the princess 50’s? To see more of my work click here    

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Carlos Marrero – Las Olas Magazine


Las Olas magazine did a short story on me a little while ago. Check it out! As a little boy, illustrator Carlos Marrero was watching the opening credits of Bewitched when he turned to his grandmother and said, “That’s what I want to do.” Sure enough, today that’s exactly what he does: Marrero’s fun, “1950s retro” fashion illustrations have appeared in countless magazines including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and he has licensed a fashionista called “Glamurella” – “a tongue-and-cheek, lifestyle of that “it” girl character,” as he calls her. As fun as it all sounds, Marrero maintains that “it’s not …

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