Thursday , 15 April 2021

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Holiday Shopping – The gift of Glamour (Video)


The gifting season is officially upon us. Wondering what to buy for the fashion lover on your holiday gift list? The Marrero Collection is a compilation of –Limited Edition– alluring statement pieces designed for the fashionista looking for unique fashion items without the couture price tag. The line features chic and stylish handbags and accessories, which allow women to take part in Marrero’s glamorous and whimsical vision of fashion and femininity. WATCH! This holiday season give the gift of glamour to your loved ones! Click on image or name to get order “Couture Ruffle” Black & White Handbag $79.00 The …

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Red Wine and White Wine Marrero Collection Art Prints


Attention Wine -lovers! This is a bit outside of the box that I normally work with, but I’m really proud of them and wanted to share them with the followers of my blog. One of my agents has been really pushing me to explore the world of illustrated home decor, and we’ve come up with some really great and fun pieces. Those of you who know me know that I love fashion and style, but I also love my wine. So these pieces in particular really brought me joy. How great will these look in a kitchen or dining room? …

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5 Fashionable Quotes from Oscar de la Renta (VIDEO)


A tribute to one of my favorite all-time designers, Oscar de la Renta. Some of my favorite ‘de la Renta quotes The Fashion World had lost a Giant but his fashion legacy will live forever. RIP Oscar de la Renta Fashion Illustrations by Carlos Marrero

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Hair salon posters by The Marrero Collection Available now


One of my dear friends, Maria Machin has worked as a salesperson of supplies to hair salons around the country for many years. When she saw my Fashionista posters, she begged me to create a print specifically for hairstylists and salons that she could sell to her clients. I agreed with the stipulation that these prints would not be exclusive but also available to my customers through The Marrero Collection website and other distribution channels. She wanted to offer something whimsical yet stylish to her salons, so I came up with the following designs for Hair salon posters: I hope …

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Puerto Rico Posters from The Marrero Collection


I’ve been so excited about my partnership with Brands of Puerto Rico and their mission to empower entrepreneurs like me, that it has totally reignited my love for the island. I’ve been really into modern chalkboard art pieces which are very en vogue right now, but I decided to pair it with some of the most beautiful and popular places to visit on the island of Puerto Rico. Hand signed by Carlos Marrero 8 x 8″ in FRAMES NOT INCLUDED All posters include a 1″ white border around the image to allow for future framing and matting, if desired. Posters …

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The Marrero Collection featured on


I left the beautiful island of Puerto Rico almost 30 years ago, to pursue my dream of becoming a successful fashion illustrator. In my search for the American Dream, Puerto Rico had taken a back seat, even though I have always had very fond memories of growing up in paradise. It warms my heart today to share the news that the next step in my career is, in a way, taking me back to my roots. My brand of handbags, The Marrero Collection, is now featured on the fantastic online shopping destination dedicated to showcasing the work of artists and …

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Haircut Comparison Guide – Illustrations by Carlos Marrero


I said it before, I will say it again, after more than 25 years of being a fashion illustrator, it doesn’t get old to open a national magazine and see your work in print. Last month was LATINA magazine, this month First For Women. This certainly brightened my day. I feel very grateful that I have been able to make a living doing something I love so much. I truly believe that if you follow your bliss, the success will come. And I’m especially thankful to my family and friends who have always supported me in all my endeavors. Here …

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Marrero Collection – in the news Part I


The Marrero Collection is off to a great start, and I’m already working on the second set of Limited Edition Illustrated Handbags. The collection is a compilation of alluring statement pieces designed for the fashionista looking for unique fashion items without the couture price tag. The line was recently featured in the fabulous blog: “This collection represents my lifelong pursuit of seeing my illustrations in products.” From the YOU TUBE video: “After 25 years as a fashion illustrator, Carlos Marrero launched his new brand of handbags and accessories called The Marrero Collection. A line of artistically elegant handbags & …

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Top 10 Fashion Quotes – Fashion Illustration (Video)


We all love our motivational quotes. This morning I was looking through gowns to illustrate, when I ran into a fashion quote that inspired me to create this video. I hope you enjoy the Top ten fashion quotes and illustrations and share them with other FASHIONISTA friends. My top 10 most inspiring fashion quotes (until I find more)  🙂 What is your favorite Fashion quote? Help me make part II of this series by sharing below! Related Blog Marrero Collection first edition designer handbags

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Fashionistas – Marrero Collection Handbags Customers


Today I am feeling extremely grateful and inspired. Never in a million years would I have thought that the first Limited Edition Marrero Collection handbags would have been received so well and with such excitement. The lesson here I think is about empowerment, and choosing to forge your own way ahead no matter what obstacles are presented to you. Sometimes you can’t wait for others to recognize you, for someone else to give you a break, for some one else to make it happen. Sometimes you have to take the reigns of your life and build it for yourself. And …

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