Friday , 22 November 2019


FABULOUS look by Ely Marino using all Motives cosmetics


Get ready for a night out with this FABULOUS look by Ely Marino using all Motives cosmetics! What do you think of it? As always, I provided the links for more information or if you want to get the look. Get the look: 1. Taking Motives for LaLa Mineral Khol Eyeliner in “Earth,” draw a line to begin a cut crease look! Follow the natural shape of your eye. 2. Using Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in “Chocolight” blend out the pencil we already put down! To blend out any further harsh lines use Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in “Cappuccino“! This …

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Singer Boggie Photoshopped in Music Video PARFÜM


BOGGIE : PARFÜM Hungarian singer Boggie uses her music video to show us just how much effort media puts into making an artist “look the part”. As the singer preforms, the video editor is retouching and changing everything from her hair, facial features, skin color, lighting, and an eye is copied and flipped to cover the other. By the end of the video Boogie looks entirely like a different person. While the program used in the video may not exist, the message about how Photoshop obscures our perception of reality and beauty is still the same. We already know by now …

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Exciting more press for Las Glamorosas


So exciting more press for Las Glamorosas. From REACTOR art & design (An amazing multi-disciplined art agency and design studio). Carlos Marrero Launches New Web Site, Glamorosas™ Launched on December 19, Glamorosas is a groundbreaking brand for Latina girls that celebrate Hispanic culture with a focus on fun, fashion, and a positive self-image. is an interactive website featuring the antics of five little diva girls doing what they do best – having fun in online games, activities and free downloads. If you happen to know anyone with a young girl, share this entertaining site with her. Visit and …

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Dramatic Pink Eye Makeup Idea by Ely Marino & Motives Cosmetics


Absolutely stunning Pink look by @elymarino using ALL Motives cosmetics! We love this for a night out with girlfriends! These Beautiful eyes are works of art, and here’s how you create them: Click on blue link to get the look: 1. Start by applying “Cappuccino” in and above the crease 2. Take “Onyx” shadow and apply in the outer “V” and in the crease! Keeping it darkest in the outer corner 3. Apply “If You Dare” mineral shadow in padding motions over the entire lid! Line your eyes with “Little black dress gel liner” 4. Using “Angel” eye Khol eyeliner …

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Be the guardian of your thoughts


We’ve heard it many times: what we think about, we attract.  It is important to pay attention to what we’re thinking, not to beat ourselves up when we think of something negative, but to deliberately keep our focus on having a great day. Recently I came across a paragraph from one of my favorite inspirational speakers, Les Brown.  I thought I would include it here to help you – the way that sometimes I need help – on continuing to create this extraordinary life. Be the guardian of your thoughts “Avoid head trash. Don’t be a garbage can for anything …

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Cell phone prank at the airport


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but cell phones will be allowed on flights very soon. Something I’m not looking for to by the way. However, I think I found the answer to be able to handle people interrupting my flight. Check out this hilarious cell phone prank video and let me know what you think. I enjoyed this thoroughly (guy next to me on phone) Yeah me too If only every layover could be this entertaining!

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Holderness Family hilarius Christmas card goes Viral XMAS JAMMIES


In my opinion, the Holderness family of Raleigh, NC, wins the prize for most creative Christmas card this year! Christmas Jammies #XMAS-JAMMIES has gone viral and I can see why. Some families send the annual newsletter – I like this idea so much better! What do you think of XMAS JAMMIES ? Share your thoughts below, Would love to hear from you.

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Real men vs Underwear models


Real men vs. underwear models We hear it all the time… “Real women” don’t look like the skinny beauties that grace the catwalk.” “Women can’t live up to those idealized standards” “We should have more “normal looking women” in the pages of hi-gloss fashion magazines.” “I’ll never look like the women with beautiful bodies in the glossy magazines” But what about us men? Do “real men” look like the sexy male models on the catwalk, or better yet… Underwear ads? It can be easy to forget that men are often under the same kind of standards. In this photo series …

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Procrastination – Stop Putting Life Off – habit 2 – Take small steps


Habit # 2 from The Procrastination Cure  by Jeffrey Combs Have a big goal, but take small steps one day at a time Create a one-year plan, a six-month plan, and a one month plan of progressively smaller goals that you will achieve in order to attain your lifetime goals. One of the most common things that stumps procrastinators is that they set goals too huge and then get overwhelmed by them. In The Procrastination Cure, Combs gives the example of trying to go from high school actor to becoming an academy award winner without plotting all the steps in between. …

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Motives Cosmetics Trainings in Atlanta


I’m very excited about the upcoming Motives cosmetics trainings this month in Atlanta, GA. I was there in April this year and we had a great time. People in Atlanta are very friendly, and the make up artists I met were super talented. The Motives cosmetics trainings will be held at the Holiday Inn Atlanta Perimeter Saturday the 23rd and 24th of November. Information about the four different courses that will be offered below: Motives Product Knowledge, Application and Sales (Saturday November 23rd  10-1:30PM) A minimum of 4 hours, open to all distributors and guests. This class covers detailed product …

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