Sunday , 7 March 2021

Drawn to Fashion

I was invited by Gallery 101 here in South Florida to have an exhibition of my work.

Wondering how I could bring a Motives Cosmetics presence to the event, I came up with the idea of bringing my work to life. I partnered with Sira D’Pion, a fabulous designer from the Miami area who I had known since teaching at the Art Institute, and the results were amazing.

Our event featured not only a gallery exhibition of my illustrations of D’Pion’s work, but we made it a fully interactive experience having live models showing the dresses in person – after having their makeup done live in front of the gallery patrons. My team of makeup artists did an amazing job, as we had them create the latest runway looks with Motives Cosmetics for our models. The result was a blast for everyone involved, as we took these looks from page to stage.

Thank you Loren Ridinger, for this fantastic line!

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  1. Carlos, the Drawn to Fashion event sounds fabulous and what a great way to incorporate Motives with your art! I love your idea of having the models’ makeup done in front of the audience. Very powerful! Here’s to your continued success and I look forward to new postings.
    All the best,

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