Thursday , 4 March 2021

Ellen sends staffers to ‘Walking Dead’ haunted house (funny video)

Every Halloween Ellen DeGeneres sends Amy (one of her writers) to visit a haunted house.

For this year’s Halloween assignment, Ellen decided to make her producer Andy join Amy to “The Walking Dead” theme at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The result video is simply hilarious! Watch as these two barely make it through the creepy re-creation of the Georgia prison.

“Why are you making me go first?”
“I’m not! I’m protecting you!”

“Why do people pay for this?” Andy asks. Once they’ve survived the house.

Ellen loved the results, in fact she said (while still in tears)

“Thank you for starting a new tradition, we’re going to send both of you through the haunted house every year now.”

Do YOU like haunted houses? Any stories you want to share?


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