Wednesday , 26 January 2022

“Emociones” with Lissette y Yolandita, an unforgettable concert.

Every decade, the gay community chooses “DIVAS” to praise and follow them in every moment, song, album…outfit of their careers. Singers that define our growth with lyrics that we never forget ..
A diva is a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music.
I’m now 51 years old… if I were born in the United States my “DIVAS” would have/still be, Barbra Streisand, CHER, Madonna?
But I was born in Puerto Rico, and the 2 biggest DIVAS growing up were Lissette and Yolandita Monge.
Imagine my delightful surprise, when they announced that, for the first time, these two ladies were going to share the stage for a concert in Puerto Rico! .
“EMOCIONES” with Lissette and Yolandita was an event that I would not miss.
Imagine if Barbra & Cher were to do a concert together? Come on! Tickets book!
On May 14th (Mother’s day) the duet delivered an evening full of intense emotions.  We enjoyed two of the best female voices in Puerto Rico on an unforgettable musical journey.
I witnessed the power of the song as everyone in the theater, transported by each song that revived emotions, was singing and clinging to every word of their hits.
My emotions were many, first because I went with my dad and sister, then because I had met Lissette here in Miami and we used to hang out a bit, but after my move to Fort Lauderdale, I had not seen her.
And it felt so good to be in Puerto Rico again. What a night!
I decided that I wanted to go back stage, say hello and give Lissette a couple of my scarves, and off course give her a huge kiss. I also wanted to meet Yolandita for the first time.
Lissette put me on the list to go back stage and it was like a reunion of old amigos, she looked amazing & loved my scarves (as you can see here)
 With my sister Junellie Marrero
Then Lissette took me straight to Yolandita who was so sweet and gracious… also loving her scarf.
I will never forget EMOCIONES because it delivered just that, emotions that I will hold dear to my heart for years to come!

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