Tuesday , 30 November 2021

Entrepreneur or mere mortal?

I love waking up with my coffee in the morning and catching up with some social media. Lately I check what YouTube suggests for me to watch. Today was one of those days that I played a suggestion that rang so true for me. Maybe it will for you also.

What separates entrepreneurs from mere mortals?

Raj Peter Bhakta launched WhistlePig whiskey in the middle of a recession, and there were some cold, lonely nights where he felt alone in his mission. But he kept on.

Perhaps there’s nothing NEW in what Bhakta shares but sometimes just hearing from someone that took his vision to fruition, makes you feel like you are on track.

Thoughts I got out of the video:

1. There are occasions when in the midst of a dark time in your life, you stake your ground and say, “I’m going to make this happen because I believe in my vision.”

2.  There are times when you don’t see the results right away, but there is something in the entrepreneur’s mind that says GO ON.

3.  Entrepreneurs learn from their failures and take risks.

4. Being an entrepreneur is based on a firm conviction that:

  • I can do it
  • I can make something happen
  • I can make something work

They know that it is:

  • Make it or brake it
  • Do or die time

Are you an entrepreneur or mere mortal?

Are you carrying your idea/your project to the end to make it work?

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