Monday , 17 May 2021

Procrastination – Stop Putting Life Off – Habit 4 -Get Organized!

Procrastinators often suffer from the affliction of being disorganized.Get-organized

In the book, The Procrastination Cure, Jeffrey Combs tells us that getting organized is very important, especially if you tend to procrastinate. If you find that you struggle to keep yourself organized, do not dismay. A lot of people are disorganized, and a certain amount of disorganization is normal.checklist

You need a system in order to have a better chance to make things happen – a structure that organizes everything and creates an easy-to-follow process for you. Without a system, you’re constantly struggling with indecision and feelings of being overwhelmed. These days, creating lists and setting alarms to stay in track is a piece of cake with smart phones, but technology isn’t a magic bullet to making your goals magically come true. It can help you stay motivated, track your progress, and measure your success. Download an app that you feel comfortable with and use it to break down your day. Checklists also help you focus on taking one step at a time, so you avoid getting overwhelmed while still keeping sight of the big picture.

The author gives us an affirmation here “I am organized, organizing my life is easy.”

“The way you live and the way you operate usually are in direct proportion to the person you have become.”

Getting organized takes work—but it is a skill that anyone can master. Get organized today, move from Chaos to Freedom and take control of your life!

 What ways do you stay organized as you work towards success?


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  1. There are a couple of ways I have organized myself. I had to because it did feel like chaos in my head, so I decided to go the old fashioned route and write it all down. That’s right… I just could not get the same results on my smart phone. I like to look at my big calendar with the entire month to track my progress, and then I can turn the page for the more detailed calendar where I write all of my daily activities. When I have all my followups, I just PEN it down and that to me is the best reminder. Right next to the calendar I have my personal and business goals written down so I am reminded visually to read them often. It has made a huge difference in my life, I don’t forget much anymore!

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