Sunday , 13 June 2021

Goal buddy, the fast track to achieving your goals.

Just like an athlete doesn’t get to the top of their profession without the guidance and support of a coach. In life we should all have someone who will enable us to improve, motivate us and hold us accountable to our goals; someone that enable us to grow… a goal buddy.
We have heard many times before that if you write your goals you have 40% chance to hit hit them, but did you know that if you tell someone else your success rate goes up to 60%?Buddify 1

A goal buddy can challenge, motivate and support you, it can help you achieve greater results in less time and focus on what you want to achieve. Working with a goal buddy helps you to come up with a fresh approach to an old problem and it also gives you the much needed accountability and commitment to your goals!

Having someone in a supportive environment to discuss your issues, create an action plan and support you in achieving it is probably one of the most important things you can do! A goal buddy is someone that provides unconditional support and praise and will prevent you from falling off the wagon before you even start.Buddify me2Do you have someone like that? If not, start the search for a goal buddy today! Your own social circle is a good place to start – peers that have similar goals and interests to yours.You want someone as committed to her visions as you are. Try on a partner for a week or a month and then re-evaluate. Look for someone who will be upbeat—even if you get discouraged—and can hold you accountable without passing judgment. You’ll know quickly if it’s working or not by your progress.

You can certainly achieve the goals you want to achieve on your own, but why do it the hard way? Get a goal buddy and get on the fast track to achieving your goals.Buddify me3

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