Saturday , 31 July 2021

Here we go…

I am constantly asked to write my own blog site, but for shortage of time and being petrified about my grammar, I never have. Today, I’m venturing down a path that leaves one open to critics, expectations, and global spectators. As I begin my first blog, I find myself with a rather intriguing obstacle: just what to write about on my initial post? So I decided to start with the basics, an introduction…

My name is Carlos Marrero, illustrator and entrepreneur at heart.

I obviously love fashion, music & the arts, but also like to learn and share inspirational thoughts about spirituality and success. I have been sharing those thoughts and principles on my Facebook page for a while now, and a lot of friends commented on how a particular post touched them or was “exactly what I needed to hear at that moment” so I decided that perhaps a blog was a better platform and the next logical step! My new illustration images and licensing product lines are something that I can’t wait to share with you, and as a trainer and coach for MOTIVES cosmetics I will share tips and techniques on building a successful business with this award-winning line.
I hope to have lots of interesting people make contributions to the blog and have a place to discuss other useful topics as well.

Excited about my new venture, so let’s keep it short!

Thank you for finding my corner of the Internet.

Thank you for sharing my posts on other avenues of social media.

And, most of all, thanks for sharing in my adventure.

I feel happy, relieved and a little amused as I realize that this is almost my final sentence.

Welcome, I hope you’ll stay a while!

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  1. Carlos, I love your new corner on the Internet!! Woo hoo!!

  2. I’m sooo HAPPYYY you decided to do a Blog!!! Now I can tune in all the time! I also Love how sheek it is!! Just gorgeous!!

  3. Congratulations, love it!!!!!!!

  4. Carlos, I don’t know anyone as charismatic and as inspiring as you have proven to be over the years except, of course, me! LOL. Seriously though? this is such a beautifully designed blog and I expect nothing less from such an accomplished artist and leader. Well done my friend, looking forward to reading all the cool posts to come. Kudos Carlos!

  5. Carlos, you inspire me. I hope to create my own corner soon. Tweeting your inspiration now!

  6. Your site is gorgeous, Carlos! Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration.

  7. Love your blog! Looking forward to future post! xoxo

  8. Love it!! You’re awesome as always…Can’t wait for the next blog!!! xoxo

  9. Great blog! I recommend it highly.

  10. Carlos you are a pro… congratulations

  11. Congrats Carlos! I absolutely love your blog, I bet I will find inspiration and motivation within your posts <3

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