Wednesday , 26 January 2022

Instagram Trends that Need to Go! with Lisa Opie

New trends are born on Instagram every single day. One day, it’s a high-shine lip gloss. Another, a new take on flushed cheeks appears on our feeds. The best beauty of 2018 has taken a turn towards the natural, dewy, and luminous side of things. Proving once again that less really can be more.

On this segment of TRENDENCIAS I sit down with the creator of LISA LASHES to spill the tea on the beauty instagram trends that are a little too extra.

There’s no need to add glitter to your tongue or shape your eyebrows into bows.

Below, are a few makeup trends that need to disappear completely in 2018; be ware some are truly hideous.

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What was your least favorite Trend?


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