Saturday , 31 July 2021

‘Kumare” -fake guru- real truth

This weekend I went to dinner with Jeff and a couple of  friends, and like we always do, we started talking about movies we’ve seen recently. One of the movies that my friend Moises mentioned and recommended we watch is “Kumare”, a fascinating and provocative social experiment- turned -documentary.

Kumare’s real name is Vikram Ghandi, a 33 year old filmmaker from New Jersey that impersonates an “Enlightened Indian Guru” and builds a following in Arizona. Kumare’s followers believe him without any question and follow him like a true new-age-style guru. At the height of Mr. Gandhi’s “Yoga-lebrity”, he gathers all of his followers -with great trepidation- to do the big reveal; to present himself as himself  without the mystical trappings and speaking in his regular voice!


I have to be honest, when I heard the premise of the movie, I was expecting something more satirical, kind of like Sasha Baron Cohen’s “Borat”; but I found the story fascinating & thought provoking.

I love the message of the film on how desperate our desire is to believe in someone else’s philosophy, when ultimately the real guru and all the answers lie inside of US.

Remember this eye-opening film the next time you feel like watching something different and profound,

It definitely has the Marrero seal of approval  😉


Watch the Kumare’s Official Trailer here…

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  1. Perfect example of how people, even in the age of information, will accept something as truth with no foundation or evidence, then literally make up situations in their head to justify what they believe. Imagine how easy it was to convince people of things thousands of years ago…

    It’s an interesting feature of the human mind, to try to shape reality around what you want to believe in order to make it seem true; and then defend it as if it was, with no basis whatsoever.

    Looking forward to seeing this documentary.

  2. I’ve actually just watched this about 2 weeks ago. Beautiful documentary about the inner power we all have but crave to see in others !I recommend it to everyone.The light you seek in others, is often within ourselves 😉

  3. This is so powerful. Like Lexy shares, it is indicative of how much power each of us has within if we choose to use it right. Thank you for sharing.

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