Thursday , 24 September 2020

The Marrero Collection featured on

I left the beautiful island of Puerto Rico almost 30 years ago, to pursue my dream of becoming a successful fashion illustrator. In my search for the American Dream, Puerto Rico had taken a back seat, even though I have always had very fond memories of growing up in paradise.

It warms my heart today to share the news that the next step in my career is, in a way, taking me back to my roots. My brand of handbags, The Marrero Collection, is now featured on the fantastic online shopping destination dedicated to showcasing the work of artists and entrepreneurs from Puerto Rico,


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Brands of Puerto Rico is a platform that enables Puerto Rican entrepreneurs to market their products to the world. It’s a beautiful thing that the power of the internet can level the playing field to help small business owners and those from smaller countries compete on an international scale. It gives Puerto Ricans and those who love this beautiful island and its vibrant culture a place to find products and pieces they might not be able to find anywhere else.

It’s laudable goal is to not only showcase the work of entrepreneurs but to boost the economy of the country as a whole. I love being a part of this great vision to help small business from my home country thrive. I was told by the president of Brands of Puerto Rico that I am the first one approved to be a part of the website who doesn’t still live in Puerto Rico.

Today I celebrate!

It’s exciting to be part of the expansion of such a great company with an important vision.

From Puerto rican Newspaper El Nuevo Dia

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  1. This is a great accomplishment, I can only imagine how proud your family must be, congrats!!! and this is only the beginning

  2. Conocí a Carlos Marrero hace unos meses y pude ver y tener en mis manos una de sus obras maestras. Esas carteras están geniales, la calidad del material, estilo, diseño… me encantan!! Si lo que buscas es algo con un toque de glamour y estilo, te recomiendo Marrero Collection.

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