Monday , 17 May 2021

Marrero Collection first edition designer handbags

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Marrero Collection first edition designer handbags

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The Marrero Collection, a renowned brand of artwork and accessories by celebrated fashion illustrator Carlos Marrero, whose work has been exclusively featured in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Mademoiselle, is proud to announce the launch of his first edition of illustrated handbags.

Inspired by the “Old Hollywood Glam” of yesteryear, Marrero drew from his library of illustration, which celebrates alluring women, high fashion and the essence of femininity, and created a vintage-inspired, modern handbag collection. In the true style of Marrero’s illustrative work, the first edition of the gorgeous Tote handbags embraces the boldness of lines and color while remaining sophisticated and feminine

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The Marrero handbag collection boasts two design styles; Emerald Glamour and Rose Ambition. Designed for the ultra-modern woman who needs a versatile, highly functional tote with room for cosmetics, accessories and all other essentials, and through which she expresses her unique sense of style. These fashionable tote bags are original works and have become one of today’s hottest trends.

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Also Available now:

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Marrero Collection “Glamour” – iPhone 5 Case

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  1. I am so happy to the Marrero handbag collection two design styles. Are very pretty and modern for all woman. Thanks Carlos Marrero for best and special styles…


  2. Ivelisse Galarza-Pagan

    I simply love handbags! These are adorable, the transaction was easy to make and they are on the way! Thanks Carlos!!

  3. Finally here, available to purchase now!!! Congratulations

  4. What a masterpiece Carlos, everything you touch turns to gold! I’m sure each woman who carries your signature handbag with her will inspire beauty all over town… Your talents know no limits, thank you for this magnificent creation… Keep it coming Carlos!!!

  5. Beautiful and elegant collection. Love your handbags. Congratulations!!!

  6. Carlos designer handbags and Iphone cases are simply Amazing and Fabulous. I love the designs it is very unique and gorgeous. The IPhone cases are glamorous. I will recommend anyone who are into unique style and fashion to purchase Carlos Marrero Collections it is Hot, Classy and can’t emphasis the word AMAZING!!!
    Congrats and keep up the Fabulous work!

  7. Carlos, You truly are amazing. You don’t stop at anything. Your bags and phone cases look unbelievably unique.
    I have to come see them! I miss you anyway.
    Congratulations. Keep your work coming.

  8. I love my bag Carlos! You are such a talented Divo 😉 I cant wait to see whats next in your fab collection!

    Your #1 FAN
    Annette 😉

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