Saturday , 23 January 2021

Marrero Collection In the News – inWESTON Magazine

What’s better than having​ your bag featured in the E​ditor’​s P​ick Page once?

​Being ​picked twice in the same month!

This afternoon I received in the mail a copy of inWESTON Magazine, a hi-gloss publication that reflects Weston’s thriving businesses, well-heeled population, cultural diversity, and unique neighborhood feel.
I had no idea that the editor of this magazine wanted my handbag featured on​ her E​ditor’s P​ick page. Even better, b​ecause inWESTON is from the same publisher as Aventura Magazine​, they decided to run my handbag right away.

What a nice surprise! The Marrero C​ollection is moving forward and growing in​ visibility; I’m​ loving every minute of it.

Thank you so much to my friend,​ Xavier Maranon,​ for such a great layout and beautiful design.
The magazine looks gorgeous.



Local illustrator and artist Carlos Marrero’s Sassy style sketches have made their way onto scarves and handbags, so you can tote the around with you and be inspired all day.

Check them out at

The Marrero Collection is a compilation of alluring statement pieces designed for the fashionista looking for unique fashion items without the couture price tag. The line features chic and stylish handbags and accessories, which allow women to take part in Marrero’s glamorous and whimsical vision of fashion and femininity.

The Cover for the issue features Gloria and Emilio Estefan.inWeston-Cover

Get your Marrero Collection limited edition Handbag (Signed) & 100% Silk Scarf Today!

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