Thursday , 15 April 2021

The Marrero Collection goes PINK for Breast Cancer Organization

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The Marrero Collection Partners with Breast Cancer Organization GLAM-A-THON

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We’ve all seen a lot of activity on social media regarding raising money for charities – who has escaped the ubiquitous Ice Bucket Challenge? It’s inspiring and heart-warming to see people step up and put themselves out there for a cause that they believe in.

Recently I had an experience that really drove home the importance of the amazing work that charities and non-profits do for people in need. A few months ago, my dearest friend Jossy discovered a lump in her breast. She is one of the most fearless people I know, and despite the scariness of the situation, she always maintained a positive and upbeat attitude. It really put the petty troubles and stressors in my life in perspective seeing someone I care about faced with a potentially life-threatening situation. I admire her so much – her strength is truly an inspiration to me.

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Thankfully, after going into surgery for a thorough examination and biopsy, it was discovered that she is in fact cancer-free. I am so grateful for this fact, and also grateful for the work of an organization that was there for her above and beyond during this process: Glam-A-THONa Breast Cancer Charity assisting local South Florida Women affected by Breast Cancer.

Leave it to Jossy to find the most FASHIONABLE non-for-profit!  :)

Since 2011 Glam-A-THON™ has donated $266,000 to Broward Health Foundation to financially assist breast cancer patients being treated at the Lillian S. Wells Women’s Center and requiring mammograms through the Lisa Boccard Breast Fund.

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Both Jossy and I were amazed and humbled by the work this organization does, and how it helps people cope with life-threatening diagnoses when they may not be in a position to afford the care they truly need.

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I wanted to do something to spread the word about this fantastic organization, and to help raise money for them in whatever way I can.

Since I am promoting the first line of limited edition Marrero Collection handbags, I thought a great way to give back would be to donate a portion of the profits from sales of my Marrero Collection handbags.

I spoke with executives at the company and they were totally on board with the idea. So from now until November 1st for every bag that is purchased, $10 will go to Glam-a-thon, and for every GLAMOUR iPhone case, $5 will be donated.

So if you have been looking to help fight breast cancer and in the process get a unique FASHIONABLE Marrero Collection piece, this is your chance!

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I hope you will be part of Marrero Collection’s efforts to raise money and awareness about this fantastic organization.

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For More information watch the video below

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