Wednesday , 23 May 2018


My team and I went to work identifying a great (and cute!) venue to host our Motives for La La Pop-Up Shop. One of my partners, Elyse Briefman, had been prospecting a beautiful boutique in Cooper City, Fla., called Beso Real. After explaining the concept to the owners, they were very excited to host and helped come up with some great ideas, like beautiful chocolates and candy bars, hors d’oeuvres, and an amazing selection of wines.
The day of the event, my team did mini-makeovers on some of our guests, and everyone had a ball. Beso Real’s owners were so happy with the event and its results, they decided to become UnFranchise® Owners and booked another event almost immediately.
As a Motives Certified Trainer, my suggestion to anyone who wants to do a Motives or Motives for La La Pop-Up Shop event is to make sure you have plenty of product in stock to sell. People love to buy on the spot when the excitement is fresh. At our event at Beso Real, we sold out of nearly all the products we had on hand! I love my team and what I do as a trainer, and there is no better or more exciting time to build your business with Motives for La La cosmetics!

Want to become a Beauty advisor for Motives for La La?

As a certified trainer for the line, I personally coach an exclusive group of qualified individuals to achieve success in this business. If you think you have what it takes, contact me to find out how Motives can integrate into your path to achieving the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.



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