Wednesday , 26 January 2022

Puerto Rico needs us. Join and help us rebuild Puerto Rico!

Most of you guys know I’m Puerto Rican,

After 5 days of no communication with my family because of hurricane Maria, I was able to make contact with my father – as you can imagine, a very emotional day.

Dad is a very strong man but he sounded fragile and distraught, he said that he never thought than in 74 years he would experience something so horrific. After asking him to come stay with me, I needed to spread the word to my friends in social media. My heart is heavy but there is stuff to do… move on to HELP mode.

So to all my fellow Puerto Ricans abroad, and all other US citizens who are my friends…

Puerto Rico is living the worse natural disaster in its history. Seven days after being hit by Hurricane María, there is still people unaccounted for, hundreds of communities isolated, and people are still being evacuated from their home. There are no enough resources to help them.

Telecommunications are very spotty, and mostly at the metropolitan area is where you can get some cell phone service. This is detrimental for the search and rescue operations, as well as for logistics to be implemented.

Diesel, gasoline, and gas are all important to keep the distribution chain of food and water operational, and it is not happening . Hospitals are running low on diesel and lives are endangered.

I could keep on enumerating all the things that are happening, and how worse it will become if this is not dealt in a timely fashion.

We need your prayers, and your economic help, but at this point we need you to create serious awareness in the political and social media circles.

Call your representatives and tell them 3.5 million US citizens shouldn’t be abandoned. We need to get back on our feet soon and stronger than ever!!!

The situation in Puerto Rico is terrible, a humanitarian crisis.

Please send your donation to Unidos por Puerto Rico

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—————- En Espanol———————

Espanol – Una iniciativa creada por la oficina de la Primera Dama, Beatriz Rosselló y un grupo del sector privado que se unieron con el propósito de brindar ayudar a aquellos que perdieron sus pertenencias durante el paso de los huracanes Irma y María por Puerto Rico. Como parte de este esfuerzo, se estará llevando a cabo un concierto tipo Teletón que se celebrará el próximo 1 de octubre a beneficio de las víctimas de los huracanes que arrasaron con nuestra Isla.

Puerto Rico nos necesita. ¡Únete y ayúdanos a reconstruir a Puerto Rico!



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