Thursday , 15 April 2021

PURSEonality – The new Marrero Collection Silk Scarf

I’m so happy to present to you the newest addition to the Marrero Collection, PURSEonality”.

If you are looking to make your handbag stand out and make it extra special, decorate it with this new 100% silk hand rolled finish scarf.

These little silk scarfs, also known as “bandeau”, are this spring’s hottest accessory.

The new design features vibrantly colored, illustrated handbag with floating flowers and leaves. A gorgeous chartreuse, pink, and oranges palette, and fine framed border and hand rolled finished edge.

Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such you should use them liberally’

– Anna dello Russo.


So this spring, jazz up your handbag, or dress up your limited edition Marrero Collection Satchel, by tying the scarf on to the handle. Presto! You have a NEW look.

PURSEonality -Like every item in the Marrero Collection Line is limited edition.


PURSEonality”  is crafted in 100% pure silk with a vivacious and elegant design that will elevate your fashionista look. The scarf features a black & white illustration silhouette in the center with an art-deco frame and finished edges.

PURSEonality” – Click HERE – to Order

  • 20″ square.
  • 100% silk.
  • Hand rolled finish.
  • Hand wash cold, line dry.
  • Limited Edition.
  • By The Marrero Collection; imported.

Add one of our limited-edition, illustrated handbags to this silk scarf, and receive 10% off PLUS free shipping – a savings of over $25!

Click HERE to purchase this bundle.


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  1. Love it. Send me one!

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