Sunday , 31 May 2020

Real men vs Underwear models

Real men vs. underwear models

We hear it all the time…

“Real women” don’t look like the skinny beauties that grace the catwalk.”

“Women can’t live up to those idealized standards”

“We should have more “normal looking women” in the pages of hi-gloss fashion magazines.”

“I’ll never look like the women with beautiful bodies in the glossy magazines”

But what about us men?
Do “real men” look like the sexy male models on the catwalk, or better yet… Underwear ads?

It can be easy to forget that men are often under the same kind of standards. In this photo series the Sun UK gives us a glimpse of what regular looking fellas would look like in those same ads.

The result is both eye-opening and funny.

H&M, John Doe vs. David Beckham


Dolce & Gabbana, John Doe vs. David Gandy


Calvin Klein, John Doe vs. Freddie Ljungberg


Armani, John Doe vs. Cristiano Ronaldo


What do you think about these ordinary looking fellas?

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