Tuesday , 30 November 2021

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The Second Scarf Design for Marrero Collection’s Fall 2018, help me pick.

Thanks for all the votes on the first “Mandala” Fall 2018 design, it helps me make a decision based on what my followers want. For the second look of the collection, I wanted to do a geometric design with a Black & White trim on both edges. Here are the Pantone colors for the Fall 2018 forecast, I picked 3 of the ones looked best for my “OFF GRID” print. Here are the 3 ways for “OFF GRID” design. Which color way do you like best? Quetzal Greeen Meerkat Red Pear Please help me decide, also don’t forget to share …

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Help me pick the first Fall 2018 design – Color way Mandala

I’m working on the 2018 Marrero Collection prints for the Fall scarves, the Pantone forecast colors are just breath-taking. Something different for the usual Fall oranges and browns. Don’t you think?   As you Probably know by now I love Mandalas because of their spiritual meaning.   The word Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means “circle”.  A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. Mandalas are circular designs symbolizing the notion that life is never ending. Many mandalas have spiritual significance to an individual or group of individuals. The Hindus …

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Colors for Fall 2018 designs for the Marrero Collection Scarves

I’m in heaven creating the new Fall 2018 designs for the Marrero Collection scarves. Pantone colors are BEAUTIFUL. Autumnal hues that evoke the feeling of leaves on the forest floor, rich plumage and twilight reveal a modern fall palette of deep and rich tones with outbursts of colorful surprise. What do you think? My favorite part is the creative process of the print and seeing how they come to life, a sense of channeling and bliss. I just love it. From the PANTONE site. Combining classicism with colorful expression, the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report Fall/Winter 2018 features a bold palette of autumnal …

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