Tuesday , 30 November 2021

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Dolce and Gabbana has been one of my favorite fashion labels for many years. Their flavor for beautiful prints still influences my work when I’m designing my scarves. And the duo’s Fall 2018 show was simply heavenly! I mean, who starts a show with handbags flying down the runway via drones? Dolce and Gabbana definitely does not do understated. They have put on many productions highlighting signature shapes and colors, but this Fall 2018 collection went above and beyond…. There was also plenty of high-flash sportswear, like a fully-sequined jersey, pink cotton candy wigs, headbands topped with purses, gorgeous velvet track pants, cherubs perched on eyewear, and a …

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The Second Scarf Design for Marrero Collection’s Fall 2018, help me pick.

Thanks for all the votes on the first “Mandala” Fall 2018 design, it helps me make a decision based on what my followers want. For the second look of the collection, I wanted to do a geometric design with a Black & White trim on both edges. Here are the Pantone colors for the Fall 2018 forecast, I picked 3 of the ones looked best for my “OFF GRID” print. Here are the 3 ways for “OFF GRID” design. Which color way do you like best? Quetzal Greeen Meerkat Red Pear Please help me decide, also don’t forget to share …

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