Wednesday , 23 June 2021

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Entrepreneur or mere mortal?


I love waking up with my coffee in the morning and catching up with some social media. Lately I check what YouTube suggests for me to watch. Today was one of those days that I played a suggestion that rang so true for me. Maybe it will for you also. What separates entrepreneurs from mere mortals? Raj Peter Bhakta launched WhistlePig whiskey in the middle of a recession, and there were some cold, lonely nights where he felt alone in his mission. But he kept on. Perhaps there’s nothing NEW in what Bhakta shares but sometimes just hearing from someone …

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When you doubt your power


“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” ~Honore de Balzac The last couple of weeks have been challenging to say the least. A couple of projects that I worked very hard at did not get the green light. These are the times when you question yourself, when you doubt your power. I have always treated this blog very personally. I also know that when I am going through something like this, someone else might be experiencing a valley as well. And if find a little ray of light, a thought that might get me through a …

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2014 – a New Year when we all get a clean slate


2014 is a new year when we all get a clean slate – 365 days to get our goals accomplished. Are you ready to make this year your best year yet? In order to achieve our goals we must be clear about what it is that we want to accomplish. What experiences do we want to have? What places do we want to visit? And most importantly, who do you want to be? It is also important not to think just about financial goals, but also to pay attention to our career, family, relationships, appearance, and maybe for the first …

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Procrastination – Stop Putting Life Off – Part V – Eliminate Distractions


Distractions are probably the most common thing that keeps us in procrastination mode. In order to get things done, we have to focus! Facebook, Twitter, or any kind of social media, television, your kids, all can be major sources of distraction. Social media is important but we don’t have to be consumed by it when we’re getting into “making things happen” mode. Distractions are like energy vampires that suck away your focus. When you eliminate these distractions things start falling into place! Here are some ideas I’ve found to eliminate distractions and really focus on a task: Be mindful of …

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Procrastination – Stop Putting Life Off – Habit 4 -Get Organized!


Procrastinators often suffer from the affliction of being disorganized. In the book, The Procrastination Cure, Jeffrey Combs tells us that getting organized is very important, especially if you tend to procrastinate. If you find that you struggle to keep yourself organized, do not dismay. A lot of people are disorganized, and a certain amount of disorganization is normal. You need a system in order to have a better chance to make things happen – a structure that organizes everything and creates an easy-to-follow process for you. Without a system, you’re constantly struggling with indecision and feelings of being overwhelmed. These days, …

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