Thursday , 15 April 2021

The Marrero Collection introduces Boho-Chic Scarves line

“A scarf is often the final touch to a dress, and the way you tie it, expresses your personality”

– Christian Dior


The Marrero Collection has expanded its women’s accessories category this season with a new line of “Boho-Chic Scarves.” Retailing for $79, each of the 4 ready-to-wear scarves features art by famed fashion illustrator, Carlos Marrero.

The new Limited Edition Collection of silk and cotton blend spring scarves will appeal to fashion-savvy women with 4 must-have designs that embody Marrero’s signature illustrative esthetic. The scarves’ lightweight fabrics and contrasting colors meld seamlessly with any outfit.

Press-shot-lo-res(photos by Lyanne Alfaro)

Marrero states: “I keep an eye on the market and runways for upcoming trends, and Bohochic – a style of fashion drawing on bohemian and hippie influences – is so in this season. Each hand rolled hemmed piece feels like a piece of art.”

The new larger (71″ X 27″) spring designs include tiger, elephant, flowers and colorful leopard print. This new length gives customers the opportunity to make each wear their own with more flexibility in styling- drape it, tie it, knot it, or find new ways to wear this luxurious scarf.


The Marrero Collection’s new line is available now at (or click on the image)

About The Marrero Collection

The Marrero Collection, is a subsidiary of Marrero Illustration Inc. Established in 2000, Marrero Illustration Inc. art has been published in the most elite fashion magazines, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Entertainment Weekly, In Style Magazine, and People. His corporate clients include fashion and beauty powerhouses Helene Curtis, Lancôme, Revlon, L’Oreal, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom.

The Marrero Collection brings this artwork off of the page and into real life through the creation of women’s designer handbags, accessories, and wearable art. The product line merges high quality design and functionality with the exclusivity of limited edition wearable art. The collection is a compilation of alluring statement pieces designed for the fashionista looking for unique fashion items without the couture price tag.

For more information on becoming a dealer for The Marrero Collection, visit

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  1. I love the new scarves! Please share how we can style them with our summer looks!!

  2. I love the Marrero Collection! From the purses, the pictures to the scarves. A very unique combination of fashion and art. Often I get compliments for the black and white purse, something that never happened to me with other beautiful purses. I am very excited that there are new scarves in, too!

  3. I’m going to get one of each of these designs I can see a different girlfriend birthday present in each one of those different designs and they’re all coming up before the fall … you Carlos love your designs

  4. OOOHHHHHH…. gonna leave this on my computer, so Sweetie can get the hint. ; ) BB2U

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these new scarves!!!

  6. Oh these are lovely! Great work Carlos!!!!!


  7. I just LOVE these scarfs…. I cannot wait to get one and make it look like you made it just for me… YOU are just awesome… I thank you Carlos Marrero… you rock!!!!!!!!

  8. Had a wonderful time at the Marrero collection scarves party. Carlos was a wonderful host and he greeted and met his guests in a very professional manner. I admired the Boho-Chic theme, the scarves are all beautiful, I’m a big fan of his work.

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