Sunday , 15 September 2019

Top 10 Smartphone Cases – This year’s hottest accessory!

Remember the old days of matching your lipstick to your nail polish?

Those days are gone! Welcome the newest fashion accessory: your smartphone case!  With the picture-sharing social media boom, the “selfies” on sites like Instagram and Facebook, even the phone has to look good in the picture, no?

Your smartphone has become an aesthetic object unto itself, and Heaven forbid it have a plain, boring cover!

The smartphone case gives you a way to express who you are, to match your outfit and to stand out from the crowd. Sitting at the coffeehouse, or while shopping, you may get more than a few admirers noticing the Fabulosity of your phone.

I did a little research on some cool smartphone cases and grabbed my top ten favorites (for now):

Which one do you like best?

(Please leave your comment below)

By the way, I was so inspired by this year’s hottest accessory that I decided to create my own Marrero Collection iPhone case!

Stay tuned here for more details….Marrero-Collection-Logo-w-Lady

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  1. I LOVED that opening of the video with your logo! Super cool! And that chocolate bar iPhone case looked so cool.

  2. Those were some interesting cases. I have one with Prince on it. I can’t wait to see your collection.

  3. Interesting, surprised my Prince cover wasn’t there! Lol can’t wait to see your collection.,

  4. Great opening with your Logo Carlos, AMAZING !

  5. Thank you guys for your comments!
    Can’t wait to unveil my IPhone case next week!

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