Thursday , 28 October 2021

TRENDENCIAS – Editor’s Picks MAY ’08

I am having so much fun hosting TRENDENCIAS, I’m getting to meet some amazing people with great products, I used to do Editor’s picks pages when I worked at Fabulously 50 magazine.

So why not continue bringing my readers and viewers of the show some of my favorite picks with a new version of my must-have coveted finds?

I am also adding the two segments of TRENDENCIAS, one for Zack’s NARCISSIST lipstick and the skincare show with Nancy Reagan’s FLAWLESS DROPS serum so you can hear details straight from their creators!

The Perfect Pout with ZACH DISHINGER 

Trendencias with Carlos Marrerro

Get it here!

4 Tips 4 Great Skincare with NANCY REAGAN

Trendencias with Carlos Marrerro

Get it here!

I urge you to go to our YouTube page AVESSA and subscribe also hit the notifications bell 🛎 so you won’t miss a single segment!

Which item do you like best?

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